Zurich‘s living techno culture

In the leading up to the Street Parade from 07.08.2023 to 13.08.2023, the Zurich Music Week (ZMW) will showcase the electronic music scene in all its facets and in all its cultural significance. During ZMW not only the international and local scenes comes together, it also aims to highlight the diversity of the music industry and contribute to a sustainable debate on topics relevant to it. With conferences, lectures, workshops and off-events, the ZMW is a unique exchange platform in Switzerland for and with representatives of the electronic music scene.

ZMW is organised as an association and aims to promote exchange between international artists, agencies, cultural enterprises and the public. It connects various players and creates a common platform for all these cultural professionals in the week before the annual Street Parade.


Selected artists and music creators from the electronic music scene who speak about various topics and experiences at the ZMW conferences. Panels, discussions and lectures spread out over four days with speakers including Andrea Oliva, Anja Schneider, Dimitri Hegemann, Shimza and many more.


Take a look behind the scenes or expand your knowledge at the ZMW Rider program. Four days producing, (de-)construction and DJ workshops and more! Learn from the best and get insights from established artists including Electric Indigo, Joyce Muniz, Anja Schneider, Kid Simius, Daniel Stefanik, Marcus Meinhardt, Animal Trainer and Kellerkind.

Number of places per workshop is limited. To participate, you need to sign up. Register here now!


Connect with the local and global music scene at the ZMW Off-Events. Be that while indoor cycling at Open Ride, Live Show at Wasserkirche or at Labelshowcases and Partys of Cocoon, Heinz Music und Watergate. The Off-Events are spread out through the weeks and lead towards the Street Parade on Saturday!